//The Ring Binder – humble yet sophisticated.

The Ring Binder – humble yet sophisticated.

The ring binder has been used in offices around the world for as long as we can remember. Did you know that the humble ring binder was invented in 1886 (134 years ago) by a German man named Friedrich Soennecken?

Ring Binders are the simplest of all binding methods; 80,000 vinyl binders and 100,000 casemade binders get sold each year by Bang Packaging alone. Binders come in various sizes (A4, A5), capacities and ring types (D rings, O rings) .

The metal rings are spring loaded or secured by lever arch mechanisms, and they are supplied by local Australian suppliers.

Bang Packaging produce vinyl, casemade and poly binders.

Vinyl is generally considered the most durable of the three. It can easily be wiped down; it is moisture resistant and has good fire performance properties. Vinyl binders are low in cost and are considered versatile, as the multipurpose products also allow for various styling opportunities. Vinyl is available in a wide variety of colours and thicknesses. The option of clear plastic pockets and or encapsulated front, back and spine, is also available.

Branding choices are endless with vinyl binders; there are a range of vinyl colours to choose from, plus aesthetic impact is greatened with offset printing and or screen printing.

Branding your sturdy folders holds great value because personalisation optimises professional appearance when and if they are being transported from place to place.  Or simply if they are left out on display on the front desk. Hotels and other large corporate companies are also known to utilise their custom binders as checking in/out book even in hotel rooms, and compendium’s.

Casemade binders also offer versatility, the turned edge binders are often identified by the film laminated sheet that wrapped around the board. The laminated wrap covering premium rigid binders can be customised with personalised print (inside and out). Alternatively, you can choose to have a full colour printed outer with a standard white or black inside liner.

Custom prints are made brilliant by either the Glass or Matt finish.

If you are looking to impress your customers, clients, and competitors we would encourage you to create your sophisticated and elegant look with a high-end textual material, like buckram. The overall impact of the premium rigid ring binder can be climaxed with the finesse of foil and debossing.

Alternatively, Faux Leather (PU) a softer lavish material that look and feels luxurious, for half of genuine leather. Again, the sophistication of foil and debossing can also be added to stylise your custom PU Casemade Binder.

Polypropylene ring binders are amazingly tough, durable and hygiene friendly.  This gorgeous flexible material prints beautifully too. This lightweight product certainly has a super modern look and feel to it, there are a variety of colours available; from clear to opaque. The protective qualities of the plastic make this cost-effective item very attractive, keeping documents safe from spillages is highly sort after in all businesses.  It is also an eco-friendly product can be recycled.

The uses for ring binders are endless; they are practical and keep records and documents that cannot be stored on computers, organised. This timely stationery product will never go out of fashion, the ring binder is a necessary tool in most business and learning systems.

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