What Can Poly Prop Products Be Used For?
Our polypropylene products can be used for all sorts of applications and promotional purposes, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Folders & Ring Binder
  • Product Boxes
  • Brochure Stands & Counter displays
  • Document Satchels

Poly products are sturdy and offer a long-term display option for your shop or a short-term solution for a special industry event.

At Bang Packaging, we produce a wide variety of wholesale custom made poly packaging and other goods ideal for business wanting an Eco friendly alternative to other plastics. If you want your PP customised with your brand logo or company colours, we can do that too.

Premium Polypropylene Products
At Bang Packaging, we’ve been in the industry for over three decades and have a wealth of experience and knowledge to our advantage. We continue to provide solutions based customer service and high-quality products to back it up.
Polypropylene is an ideal material for holding stationery and related gifts and items as it is waterproof and extremely durable. That’s why we offer document satchels, ring binders, card holders, wine boxes and hangsells made from poly.
Shipped Australia Wide and Internationally
Although Bang Packaging is based in Melbourne, Australia, our reputation and service is internationally recognised.
We provide high quality polypropylene products and packaging for a wide range of clients, from large businesses and franchises to retail markets Australia wide and internationally. As we produce on site, we can provide your business with large quantities of poly products at manufacturers prices.
Quality Poly Products & Packaging At Wholesale Rates
We’ve developed lasting relationships with our partners so that we can always source high quality materials to our business clients at wholesale rates, so you can be certain that the polypropylene used in our satchels, boxes, holders and other stationery products is always of a high standard.
We’ve provided countless clients including luxury retailers with customised, quality polypropylene products as well as other packaging and stationery products over the years and are proud that our products service many different Australian and international companies.
Is Polypropylene Right For Me?
While polypropylene is suitable for almost any sort of product, there are some it is especially appropriate for, such as:

Electronics – PP does not conduct electricity, which is ideal for packaging tech products
Wallets and folders – Because this material is flexible and crack-resistant and copy safe, it will stay safe despite bending and other wear & tear
Product boxes– PP is often slightly transparent, so with a pp box, customers can see your goods on the shelf even when packaged, adding aesthetic appeal
Food Containers – Polypropylene is chemical resistant and has a high melting point, making it ideal for safe food storage.

If you are after a reliable material for your products, whether you need bulk packaging or a few display options to make your goods stand out, polypropylene is a great choice. So don’t wait around, contact Bang Packaging to learn more about how we can custom design your polypropylene stands, binders or packaging today!