//Customised Packaging – Know Your Material’s

Customised Packaging – Know Your Material’s

Avoid confusion, make educated choices with your packaging. Know your packaging materials and influence your customers choices to buy your product. Bang Packaging are here to help you increase your sales. We have complied a list of our bestselling materials, to help you design your packaging with success

Art Paper 157-200 gsm – What does gsm even mean? It means grams per square meter. Simply put it is a form of measurement that allows print buyers to know about the quality of paper being used. Art paper is commonly used in digital and offset printing for packaging items. In fact, we commonly use this type of material on rigid boxes, casemade binders and gift bags. Art paper is available in Matt and Gloss finishes,

Wibalin Buckram Paper- This material brings creative designs to life. Wibalin is a strong durable non-woven paper covering, that is scuff resistant and is available in an  array of colours. The super friendly product is eco-friendly. Wibalin is known for being elemental chlorine free (ECF), REACH compliant and is 100 % recyclable. For all those demanding jobs, irrespective of if it is custom gift packaging, stationery binders or document holders. This responsibly sourced material is available in numerous paper grade weights and 5 different embossing finishes. Wibalin has a non-shiny (matt) finish.

Pu Leather– One of the best materials to use when you want that premium look for less. PU leather is a synthetic leather that can be used on boxes, binders, compendiums, clipboards, diaries, diploma wallets and much more. PU Leather is also known as Faux Leather and you can tell the difference between the synthetic leather and genuine leather, by looking at the back of the material. PU (Faux Leather) has a woven fabric backing. This amazing product comes with smooth and embossed finishes and endless colour choices are available.

Kraft Paper – Is made of softwood by the kraft process. Natural Kraft paper is brown (unbleached) and is a biomaterial that is bio-based and is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. Kraft paper is recognised by its eco-friendly components but also because of its strength. Kraft paper is used in most industrial and commercial applications, as this ridiculously versatile material is available in different weights and thicknesses. Kraft Paper is great for all custom packaging, packing and wrapping needs.

Polypropylene – Is a thermoplastic polymer that is used in a wide range of applications, this brightly coloured plastic is both tough and resistant. This highly versatile material is beneficial for the environment as it is made from recycled polymer beads and more importantly, products made with Polypropylene are recyclable. Polypropylene has been manufactured around the world for approx. 50 years. Bang Packaging have been using this lightweight and extremely rugged material for 35 years. If you haven’t already made the switch to Polypropylene, you might like to think about changing now. Why? .. because buyers of poly can experience up-to a 30% yield over other polymers like PCV and PET.

Vinyl – Often vinyl is the material of choice for wide range of products because it is low in cost, versatile and it has dynamic performance abilities. Vinyl is available in a range of colours and thicknesses. This amazing strong and durable product is moisture resistant and can with-stand even the toughest of environments. Vinyl has extremely good fire performance properties and is electrically non-conductive. Not surprisingly this flexible material has been used in Australia for over 60 years. It has been thoroughly tested and it meets Australian standards for safety and health, for applications for which it is used. You might be wondering if vinyl is a sustainable material, well in terms of natural resources, the answer is yes. Vinyl is 100% recyclable, so natural resources can be further conserved.

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