//The Most Popular Packaging For 2019

The Most Popular Packaging For 2019

With more and more people shopping online, and new startups and businesses taking off every year, packaging is always evolving to keep up. New styles and trends are constantly forming. Customer feedback also influences the materials, patterns, colours, as well as the textures and production costs.

Businesses also see packaging as a way of gaining loyalty and forming a strong brand. So what are the current trends and what appears to be the most popular packaging this year so far?

1. Personalised packaging

As expected, the number of physical stores for many major international brands are on the decline. E-commerce is therefore set to grow this year. Due to this, companies have to think of more and more methods to stand out. To this end, personalized packaging is growing. Brand-specific colours, as well as thoughtful materials and designs. A reputable packaging company will be able to advise on the best packaging styles for your company.

2. Environmentally friendly packaging 

In today’s world, the state of the oceans, and the planet as a whole is becoming a widespread concern. Customers are becoming more conscious of the impact of their purchasing habits on the planet. Many major brands take this into consideration and are taking initiatives such as switching to paper bags and even paper bottles. 

Where this is not possible, recyclable materials like polypropylene and biodegradable materials are taking over. There has also been a small uptake of packaging made from edible materials, which could potentially become more widespread. 

There is a huge incentive for companies to take this into consideration. Using less packaging essentially will decrease production and shipping costs too. It can also have a positive impact on people’s perception of a brand or company.

3. Flexible packaging

Flexible packaging has really taken off in recent years. This is owing to advancements in materials and production methods. 

In addition, environmentally friendly plastic materials such as compatibilized polyethylene as well as new recycling initiatives have made flexible packaging soar in popularity. Moreover, it is lightweight and cheap to transport. The pouch styles are also resealable which makes it convenient for customers and also make the packaging reusable. The flexibility allows for easy delivery and posting too.  

4. Nostalgic packaging

Vintage packaging is always popular. There is something about the familiarity that creates an emotional response in consumers. They are likely to trust something that is known to them. However, it is a competitive scene where you have to work hard to not be just one of many. Working closely with designers and professional packaging production companies is vital to ensuring that your brand is not misunderstood.

5. Just the right amount

There was a time when product packaging would be packed with excess polystyrene and bubble wrap, and the package could even be double the size of the product inside. With minimalism being a growing trend, and people choosing the planet over their purchases, packaging is becoming smaller and smarter. Sometimes less really is more and so the bare minimum for the purpose is probably the way to go.

The year 2019 seems to be a year of conscious living. In addition, while we crave the familiarity that our memories offer us, we are also deeply concerned about where the future is taking us in terms of the planet and climate change. Moreover, e-commerce is growing all the time, and packaging that is durable, as well as original, is in demand. 

At Bang Packaging, we offer a diverse range of quality packaging products to meet your business’ needs. Get in touch today to see how we can help your brand and package your products to keep your customers satisfied and coming back!

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