Bang Packaging is Australia’s Largest Most Diverse Manufacturer and Importer of Premium Custom-Made Packaging & Stationery Products.

Our Story

The Bang family recognises that success is no accident. We’ve remained in business and grow profitably as a result of helping our customers stand out in the marketplace.

For over 30 years, Bang Packaging has been manufacturing a wide range of bespoke packaging targeting the prestige buyer. Our capabilities range from custom-made stationery to printed retail packaging, wine & gift boxes, vinyl, polypropylene products and much more.

Bang has been many things. We have, and continue to be, a leader in vinyl and PP plastic fabrication in Australia, the largest local manufacturer of premium wrapped boxes and a reliable, well-networked importer of complementary products.

We are focused on delivering high-quality, innovative products on time and at competitive pricing. We aim to help our customers achieve their branding and product presentation goals.

We are proud of our reputation, our staff and our customer relationships, and we strive continually to excel and grow in all areas of our business.


Under Henderson McPherson, Gold, Silver and Bronze medals were awarded in various categories from both the National Print Awards and Australian Packaging Awards.

Henderson McPherson has been acknowledged in the Victorian Government’s Manufacturing Hall of Fame, an award given only
to the best of manufacturers in all industries in Victoria.


Our centre of production is a modern manufacturing plant with offices, a boardroom, and a product showroom located in Thomastown, Victoria.

We remain at the forefront of the industry by utilising the latest technology in computer-controlled machinery. We have invested significantly in the development of our own custom manufacturing software. Our custom software fully integrates our administration and production procedures from quotes to production control to final dispatch to our customers. Ultimately, such automation allows us to deliver superior quality products to our customers on time and at very competitive prices.

Human Rights

By popular demand, our customers (especially those with significant public exposure) have requested our statement of practice in purchasing products and services from outside of Australia. This is due to the lack of control when sourcing imported products and services were different (notably lower) human rights standards to those protected in Australia may exist. This can ultimately lead to public and personal dismay within the company, which we try to avoid at all costs.

It is therefore with great conviction and seriousness that we take the role of auditing any factory we engage. Bang Packaging only partners with companies that abide by similar human rights approach to that with which we are accustomed to in Australia. This includes maintaining health, safety and environmental policies that we deem appropriate. We manage this essential process for our customers and ourselves, as we are open for audit and willing to sign our customers’ human rights statements.


Our duty of care encompasses responsible manufacturing processes to ensure ongoing environmental sustainability. Our production methods do not emit any toxic materials or gasses. 100% of our production waste is completely recycled. Paper and board waste goes back into recycled fibre board, and our plastic waste goes into products such as garden hoses, outdoor furniture, garden applications, etc.

We encourage our customers to dispose of products responsibly. We are happy to assist them with their choices regarding the environmental impact of any product.

Workplace safety of all our employees is uncompromised.