//The Legendary Base and Lid Rigid Box

The Legendary Base and Lid Rigid Box

Bang Packaging has produced the celebrated Base and Lid Rigid box for as long as we can remember- This noteworthy product is one of our favourites.

The name of this product tells you exactly what it offers; a base/lid that is rigid and sturdy. To make this product we use boxboard that is, 100% recycled, recyclable, biodegradable and 100% carbon neutral. This eco-friendly material has made and will continue to make packaging for luxury products, look and feel amazing.

The versatile base and lid box is used comprehensively worldwide, which is great for customers like you because this global product can be distributed from our factories in Thomastown and China. We manufacture, package and then freight your product to almost anywhere in the world with little to no hassle.

Base and Lid boxes are typically much thicker than the average folding carton. Perfect for housing fragile products, or, if you simply want your custom packaging to have a high quality and professional appearance.

We produce the Base and Lid box for companies who sell products such as cosmetics, perfume, shoes, toys, card games, high-end electronics, wine, whisky and food just to name a few. We tailor the product to suit your needs, our workmanship is of the highest standard. In fact, we guarantee the quality of our work.

The team at Bang are made up of expert technicians who are wild about precision, symmetry, balance and functionality.

The much-publicized base and lid box is good for almost everything, however, this influential product really has put ‘gift packaging’ on the map. We recently made a Hamper pack for Donna Hayes, the gift boxes looked phenomenal, you can check them out on our website www.bangpackaging.com,au

Customising your gift box easy with the wide variety of materials and sizes that are on offer at Bang Packaging. When you are designing your box think about the size, colour, materials, print and or other artwork like foiling. Produce the ultimate piece of packaging and give your customer a memorable experience

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