What do you think sells your product?

The answer is customised packaging, did you know that research shows that 86% of consumers are influenced to buy your products because of the branding.

Bang Packaging have 35 years’ experience in custom manufacturing, we understand the importance of custom pieces and impeccable branding. This year in 2020 we can tell you what type of packaging is set to go off in the market. Be warned bold looks, soft neutral pastels and patterns, minimalism, vintage and corrugate packaging are the rage.

Nailing your custom packaging and stationery will have a significant impact on brand loyalty, social media, the type of audience you attract resulting in sales increase. In a highly competitive market where everything is packaged you need and want your custom packaging to SHINE

Through the likes of materials like Wibalin Buckram, Crushed Leather and other PU materials, this is all possible. Add some amazing custom foil branding or some spot UV branding and you will really be on your way. Better yet, incorporate cool artwork by way of digital and or offset printing.

We get that your customers want to be told a story and be a-part of an experience that makes them feel the products worth. That is why we offer a high volume of material choices and we have the best state of the art machinery to produce both product (box/folder/tin/cylinder etc) and ARTWORK. Did you know we have capability from Offset through to Flat Bed digital printing?

No job is too big for us, that’s is why custom packaging is our business and marketing and storytelling is yours!

From our experience we have noticed that personalised packaging does best when companies hold a vision that is true and meaningful, but also is up-to date with competitors.  Your look should be so significant that consumers are lured to every product with a great emotional response.

So, when you are busy creating your look, remember, this is the chance where you get to tell your customer a story about who you are and perhaps about who they are.Custom Packaging provides both you and the end user with and identity, moreover it also highlights what the product is, who would benefit from the product and why. Consumers are very clever individual’s and for what is worth they want to make sure they are valued.

Irrespective of if you are start-up company or a major contender, your aim is to grow your brand.

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