Customised Designs for Your Unique Needs
We excel in creating packaging for every situation, from initial market launches to long-term shelf displays. We can design boxes for both the online and physical retail markets. When you choose to work with Bang Packaging, our team will strategise with you to develop the best packaging designs and concepts for your company. We aim to create products that will maximise your chance of repeat volume sales and growth within your business.
Retail Packaging for All Purposes
We have a diverse group of clients across industries, many of whom are leaders in their field. At Bang Packaging, we have partnered with companies who supply wine, food products, various forms of media, cosmetic, jewellery, valuable collectables and more.

Some of the customised retail packaging options we can provide are:

  • Magnetic Locked Carry Boxes
  • Self-Assemble Cartons
  • Rigid Anti-Scratch Slipcases
  • Collector’s Special Edition Boxes
  • Drawer- Style Organisers
  • Shelf-Style Display Boxes
  • Casemade CD or DVD folders

Bang Packaging works out of Australia, but partners with both domestic and international clients to meet their retail packaging needs. We want your brand to stand out, which is why we offer customised packaging solutions for you. We guarantee that all of our products are durable enough for even the most fragile of goods.

If you need high-quality, low-cost packaging with great design, you know where to look. Don’t hesitate to call Bang Packaging at +61 3 9462 3877 (Australia) or 1800 628 366 (interstate) for more information and a FREE quote on our services.