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Custom Cardboard Boxes in Melbourne

Bang Packaging has been manufacturing and supplying local, international and luxury businesses with premium quality, bespoke packaging for over three decades. Our capabilities range from custom-made stationery to printed retail packaging, wine and gift boxes, vinyl, polypropylene products and much more.

Our cardboard boxes are a lightweight, extremely versatile packaging option and at Bang Packaging, we can supply you with large quantities of custom made cardboard boxes, shipped directly to your business.

We are leading manufacturers of custom packaging in Australia. Contact our team at Bang Packaging for any of the following:

  • Printed Cardboard Boxes
  • Custom Made Cardboard Boxes
  • Bespoke Cardboard Boxes
  • Bespoke Cardboard Packaging
  • Cardboard Retail Boxes

‘If You Have An Idea, We Can Create It!’

This is our mission. Bang’s printed product boxes and other promotional packaging items are made to deliver your brand as well as your packaged contents. Whether you prefer a minimalist approach or unique, highly personalised packaging, we can help you get the right design every time.

If you’d like to see a named list of some of the local and international clients we have served with high-quality custom cardboard boxes and packaging, view our client’s page for case studies and client testimonials.

Consult with our experts about design options, sizes and materials. With Bang Packaging, you can buy cardboard boxes wholesale that are light and practical but also stand-out and reflect your business image.

Your Custom Options

We understand that packaging products for your business are something that needs to be handled carefully. For many consumers, product packaging is almost considered part of the product they receive and even though it is often something that often ends up discarded, it can easily tarnish your reputation when it is not adequate in quality. With Bang Packaging we tailor our packaging solutions to suit your needs:

  • Custom sized cardboard boxes: no matter how simple or complex, we will make the right box in the right size for you
  • Custom shape: from the standard rectangular shoebox shape to a rigid board wine cylinder to festive shapes like hearts and stars, we do it all!
  • Specialised cardboard packaging: You do not need to be bound by the example products we mention on this page. We can create compartmentalised boxes, incorporate a high-quality gloss finish or a magnetic touch to the lid – we will make sure your packaging is just what you need.
  • Rigid Board Options: From gift boxes to slipcases, to packaging with lids and foam inserts our rigid board options are sturdy cardboard product options that will keep the box contents neat and secure.

Now you have an idea of our variety of options in cardboard packaging, browse through our product pages to see various designs and when you’re ready, chat to one of our specialists and we will assist with a custom solution just for you.

Bespoke Cardboard Boxes For Your Business

At Bang, we do not limit the options in packaging available to our clients. Buying cardboard boxes from us will not lead to you being left with an enormous amount of bland, cardboard-brown coloured shoe boxes. Unless, of course, you specify that is what you want, then we will happily provide you with all the basic, cardboard boxes you need!

Our process is completely client-lead and always focused on innovative solutions. When you contact Bang Packaging, you will have the opportunity to discuss your unique business requirements for your packaging so we can develop the most appropriate, contemporary design that is also an accurate reflection of your brand values. We have bespoke solutions for all kinds of businesses:

  • Do you require packaging for gift boxes?
  • Is it for a promotional product that requires a distinctly different design to your general stock?
  • Need to box a new product in your line?
  • Maybe you require secure packaging to hold delicate items?
  • Or perhaps you need some kind of holder for letters or documents in?

Talk to our friendly team and we will set you up with packaging that is tailored to your specific needs. If you require cardboard boxing to hold delicate items securely or a cardboard box in a certain shape – we will cater to your requirements. At Bang packaging, we are not just manufacturers, we specialise in creating custom packaging designs.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging & Production

We take great care in ensuring that our approach to our production processes is as environmentally sustainable as possible. As a business, cardboard boxes are a great, eco-friendly choice of packaging. Not only is it lightweight and cost-effective, but it is also biodegradable and easy to recycle or reuse.

At Bang Packaging in Melbourne, our duty of care encompasses responsible manufacturing processes to ensure ongoing environmental sustainability. Our production methods do not emit any toxic materials or gasses. 100% of our production waste is completely recycled. Paper and board waste goes back into recycled fibre board, and our plastic waste goes into products such as garden hoses, outdoor furniture, garden applications, etc.

We encourage our customers to dispose of products responsibly. We are happy to assist them with their choices regarding the environmental impact of any product.

Custom Cardboard Boxes Shipped Australia Wide & Internationally

Although Bang Packaging is based in Melbourne, Australia, our reputation and service are internationally recognised. We are proud of our growth over the last 20 years that has lead us to be the largest local manufacturer of premium wrapped boxes and a reliable, well-networked importer of complementary products.

We provide high-quality cardboard boxes, gift boxes and other cardboard packaging for a wide range of clients, from large businesses and franchises to smaller retail markets Australia wide and internationally. As we are wholesalers, we can provide your business with large quantities of packaging products at manufacturers prices. We can ship all our orders Australia wide and internationally. Contact us today for more information on shipping.

We’re Just A Call Away

For about information about our custom cardboard boxes or if you have any enquiries regarding our services, get in contact with the team at Bang Packaging today. You can visit us in person at our Melbourne facilities or contact us via phone or email.