//The Key Factors When It Comes To Marketing Your Packaging Design

The Key Factors When It Comes To Marketing Your Packaging Design

Packaging for your product isn’t as simple as whacking your cover on. Packaging has plenty to do with marketing and it essential that you combine the two elements so you can sell your product. That is why you have to consider several factors when it comes to the marketing side of your design. We break down those factors so you know what to manage during this creative process.

  1. Know Your Audience.

    Understanding who your audience is and what they want is essential when it comes to the design packaging of your product. In-depth research into what they like and how they react to designs is essential to the creation process. Read, learn and study your audience and everything that makes them tick.

  2. Keep It Simple & Unique.

    You know the brands that work best? It’s those that are subtle in their approach and convey a message without it being overblown. Nike, Coke, McDonald’s; all simple packaging and designs, but also unique that it stands out from the crowd. Make your packaging simple enough that it conveys the message to your audience, while unique enough to stand out. It seems like a difficult juggling act, but it will work.

  3. Combine The Experience Of Your Product With Your Packaging.

    If you want to know a packaging that does this so well, it is Apple. Taking out your iPhone from its case, it exactly like using it: slick, fun and user-friendly. Which is exactly how it feels when using an iPhone. The same has to be made of the packaging of your product. You have to combine elements of what it feels like when using (or drinking, eating, wearing etc) your product. This gives your customers that “hands-on” experience they crave when they handle your product.

  4. The Material Makes The Difference.

    You know those times that you handle a product, but the material is really cheap? It turns you off buying it. And there are those times when you grab a package and you can feel that it’s of the highest quality. That “feeling” that products provide can be the difference for your customers when it comes to purchasing it or ignoring it. Don’t risk low-quality materials for your packaging.

  5. But Be Eco-Friendly.

    You cannot ignore the importance of being environmentally conscious with your packaging. In today’s age, with concerns about the eco-system, it is vital that you acknowledge that your material can be recyclable, reusable and eco-friendly. People tend to look now at products where these are key factors. Ignore them and you can risk the wrath of customers.

You have to remember: when it comes to your packaging you have to ensure that it contains a message for your customer, reflect your brand and your purpose. Don’t miss out on the chance to get it professionally made by a manufacturer with years of experience, such as Bang Packaging. We have everything you need to ensure that your product is packaged to perfection. Contact Bang Packaging today for the complete service.

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