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Custom Stationery in Australia

At Bang Packaging, we manufacture premium, printed packaging and custom stationery products for wholesale clients. Our stationery range includes

  • Binders
  • Ring Folders
  • Presentation Folders
  • PP Plastic packaging
  • Stationery materials
  • Gift Boxe
  • Tin and vinyl packaging
  • Wine boxes
  • And more

When it comes to marketing and creating a consistent image that reflects the vision you have for your business, a very easy and cost-effective way to further your brand is by using custom stationery. We print, customise and manufacture packaging products and stationery at our Melbourne facility. Contact our team today to learn more about our custom solutions.

Keep A Consistent Office and Impress Clients

You can order a variety of stationery products with the same design, to maintain consistency in your branding and workplace overall. With our custom packaging solutions, you can also arrange to get your logo and designs on your product packaging; gift boxes, shipping boxes, plastic fabrication and tin and vinyl packaging. Contact Bang Packaging to find out more.

‘If You Have An Idea, We Can Create It!’

This is our mission. Bang Packaging printed custom stationery, product boxes and other promotional packaging items are made to deliver your brand as well as your packaged contents. Whether you prefer a minimalist approach or unique, highly personalised stationery and packaging, we can help you with consistent branding of your office supplies and getting the right design every time!

Leading Custom Stationery Manufacturer

Our custom packaging manufacturing facility is based in Melbourne, Victoria but our services are accessible for clients from all over Australia as well as internationally. In over 2 decades of operation, we’ve provided countless clients including luxury retailers with customised, quality stationery, packaging and polypropylene plastic products.

Visit our client’s page for client testimonials and to learn about the different industries we have serviced.

We Ship All Over Australia and Worldwide

We provide high-quality custom rigid gift boxes and packaging solutions for a wide range of clients, from large businesses and franchises to smaller retail markets Australia wide and internationally. As we are wholesalers, we can provide your business with large quantities of packaging products at manufacturers prices. We can ship all our orders Australia wide and internationally. Contact us today for more information on shipping.

Whether you need a unique design for a promotional service or custom rigid boxes for shipping your products worldwide, at Bang Packaging we will create your ideal custom boxes to suit your business needs.

Order Big With Bang Packaging

Bang Packaging is a manufacturer of custom stationery and branded packaging products. As we cater to business clients, we are used to performing our services and meeting large-scale requirements.

Our Melbourne facility is well equipped to handle large orders, specific design needs and to meet important timing demands. We can ship all our orders Australia wide and internationally. Contact us at Bang Packaging today for more information.

We’re Just A Call Away

Get a full range of customised stationery for your business with Bang Packaging. For more information about our stationery services, custom packaging solutions and wholesale manufacturing processes, contact our friendly team at Bang Packaging today.

With no order minimum restrictions, you can submit orders for shipping that are as large or as small as you require. Contact us today for a custom quote.

You can also visit us in person at our Melbourne facilities in Thomastown, or contact us via phone or email.