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Custom Plastic Fabrication

Bang Packaging has been operating as a premium plastic packaging manufacturer and supplier for over 30 years. We continue to be, a leader in vinyl and Polypropylene plastic packaging in Australia and the largest local manufacturer of premium wrapped boxes and a reliable, well-networked importer of complementary products. We specialise in custom plastic packaging solutions for businesses.

This includes items such as custom-printed stationery holders, plastic product packaging for retail items and food items and even promotional and point of sale items like marketing stands and display stands for trade shows. We tailor our solutions to suit your business needs and brand image.

What is PP Plastic?

PP (polypropylene) is a thermoplastic polymer material perfect for all sorts of consumer goods. It is a light, flexible, durable material and is also a food grade material that can be customised for a range of different uses.

Our solutions don’t just stop at packaging, we can provide you with full services that complement your ‘Point Of Sale’ process by pairing interactive digital technology to your packaging and we can create and manufacture point of sale stands and product boards to match your custom shipping boxes and packaging.

Custom Plastic Packaging Manufacturing in Australia

At Bang Packaging, we’ve developed lasting relationships with our industry partners so that we can always source high-quality materials for our business clients at wholesale rates. You can certain that the polypropylene plastic used in our satchels, boxes, holders and other stationery is always of a high standard.

Our custom plastic manufacturing facility is based in Melbourne, Victoria but our services are accessible for clients from all over Australia as well as internationally. In our three decades of operation, we’ve provided countless clients including luxury retailers with customised, quality polypropylene products as well as other packaging and stationery products. Visit our clients page for client testimonials and to learn about the different industries we have serviced.

What Can Polypropylene Plastic Products Be Used For?

Our polypropylene plastic products can be used for all sorts of applications and promotional purposes, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Displaying goods at a show or expo
  • Organising documents
  • Exhibiting brochures
  • Packaging food or drink products

Poly plastic products are sturdy enough to suspend your product or hold it at an angle for maximum visibility, whether you need a long-term display option for your shop or a short-term solution for a special industry event.

At Bang Packaging, we produce a wide variety of wholesale poly products ranging from highly complex display stands to document satchels and PP boxes. Our polypropylene packaging and other goods are ideal for business and domestic use alike. If you want your PP customised with your brand logo or company colours, we can do that too.

We Service Australian & International Businesses

Bang Packaging is based in Melbourne, Australia where our Thomastown facility operates. Our reputation and service, however, is internationally recognised. We are proud of our growth over the last 36 years that has lead us to be the largest local manufacturer of premium wrapped boxes and a reliable importer of complementary products. Our manufacturing partners in China allows us to provide an even wider range of services for our wholesale client’s worldwide.

We provide high-quality custom printed boxes, gift boxes and other packaging for a wide range of clients, from large businesses and franchises to smaller retail markets Australia wide and internationally.

We offer wholesale services, so we are well equipped to handle large orders and meeting important timing demands. We can ship all our orders Australia wide and internationally. Contact us today for more information on shipping.

We’re Just A Call Away

For more information about our custom plastic fabrication and custom plastic manufacturing processes, contact our team at Bang Packaging today.

With our no order minimum, you can submit orders for shipping that are as large or as small as you need. Contact our friendly team at Bang Packaging today for a custom quote.

You can also visit us in person at our Melbourne facilities in Thomastown, or contact us via phone or email.