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Custom Printed Boxes In Melbourne

When it comes to product packaging for your business, you cannot settle for low-quality services. Even though packaging will often get discarded by consumers, many will still consider it a part of your product. This is why you should consider custom printed boxes for your products. Packaging materials are a space you can use to your advantage by furthering your brand with some good design, marketing and use of your logo.

At Bang Packaging, we have over three decades of experience in creating custom printed boxes and specialised packaging solutions for all different types of businesses. From printing intricate details on packaging for luxury, high-end retailers to creating large and sturdy shipping boxes for international retailers, we tailor our services to you.

Our Mission: If You Have An Idea, We Can Create It!

Bang Packaging’s printed custom boxes and other promotional packaging items are made to deliver your brand as well as your packaged contents. Whether you prefer a minimalist approach or unique, highly personalised packaging, we can help you get the right design every time.

Our solutions don’t just stop at packaging, we can provide you with full services that complement your point of sale process by pairing interactive digital technology to your packaging and we can create and manufacture ‘Point Of Sale’ stands and product boards to match your custom shipping boxes and packaging.

If you’d like to see a named list of some of the local and international clients we have served with high-quality custom cardboard boxes and packaging, view our  page for case studies and client testimonials.

Consult with our experts about design options, sizes and materials. With Bang Packaging, you can buy custom boxes wholesale that are light and practical but also stand-out and reflect your business image.

Benefits of Our Custom Printed Gift Boxes

Bang Packaging works with several mediums to provide the full experience of premium custom gift boxes. Custom made options range from:

  • Standard rigid board
  • Separate lid gift boxes
  • High-end hinged magnet locking gift boxes
  • Flat-packed retail cartons
  • And more customisable options

Our machinery can handle a variety of different setups, but it doesn’t stop there. With our co-partners in digital technology, we can even develop boxes that completely interact with your client. Check out our website for examples of our digital interaction packaging.

Whether you need a unique gift box for a promotional service or custom boxes for shipping your products worldwide, at Bang Packaging we tailor custom boxes to suit your business needs.

Leading Custom Printed Boxes Manufacturer

Bang Packaging gives new meaning to specialised premium packaging, as we aim to think outside the box and beyond what most would consider their comfort zone. Our knowledge ranges from producing gift boxes in Australia to importing from our quality Chinese manufacturing partners, with contemporary packaging at manufacturer direct prices.

We provide a wholesale service available to Australian as well as international clients and are equipped to handle large stock orders and tailored solutions for your business packaging. Get in touch with the experts at Bang Packaging to submit your order, or enquire about:

  • Custom printed packaging boxes-so your packaging complements your business
  • Custom printed corrugated cartons– added rigidity to items to be shipped far and wide
  • Custom printed mailing cartons-deliver your products and brand image with style
  • Custom printed retail boxes-so your packaging is part of your retail product

We Can Handle Orders Of Any Size

No matter how large, at Bang Packaging we have the facilities to produce large quantities of custom printed packaging boxes, with relative ease whilst ensuring the same high standard for each and every one.

If you have already submitted your large order but need more stock due to larger demand or missed numbers, our custom printed boxes no minimum policy allows you to top up your supply as needed.

We Care For Our Environment

We take great care in ensuring that our approach to our production processes is as environmentally sustainable as possible. When choosing the right custom boxes, we have a number of options made from cardboard and natural materials that are sturdy yet recyclable.

At Bang Packaging in Melbourne, our duty of care encompasses responsible manufacturing processes to ensure ongoing environmental sustainability. Our production methods do not emit any toxic materials or gasses. 100% of our production waste is completely recycled. Paper and board waste goes back into recycled fibre board, and our plastic waste goes into products such as garden hoses, outdoor furniture, garden applications, etc.

We encourage our customers to dispose of products responsibly. We are happy to assist them with their choices regarding the environmental impact of any product.

Custom Printed Packaging Boxes Shipped Australia Wide & Internationally

Although Bang Packaging is based in Melbourne, Australia, our reputation and service are internationally recognised. We are proud of our growth over the last 36 years that has lead us to be the largest local manufacturer of premium wrapped boxes and a reliable, well-networked importer of complementary products.

We provide high-quality custom printed product boxes, gift boxes and other packaging for a wide range of clients, from large businesses and franchises to smaller retail markets Australia wide and internationally. As we are wholesalers, we can provide your business with large quantities of packaging products at manufacturers prices. We can ship all our orders Australia wide and internationally. Contact us today for more information on shipping.

We’re Just A Call Away

For about information about our custom printed boxes, orders and shipping or if you have any enquiries regarding our services, get in contact with the team at Bang Packaging today.

With our no order minimum, you can submit order for shipping that are as large or as small as you need. Contact our friendly team at Bang Packaging today for a custom quote. Contact our friendly team at Bang Packaging today for a custom quote.

You can also visit us in person at our Melbourne facilities in Thomastown, or contact us via phone or email.