//How To Make Your Wine Boxes More Engaging To Your Customers

How To Make Your Wine Boxes More Engaging To Your Customers

We all know one thing: the wine industry is a brutal battlefield. Every year, new wines are hitting the shelves, and it’s becoming harder to stand out from the pack. This makes the packaging of your wine boxes more important than ever. You have to be unique from your competition, but at the same time, represent your business in the most honest way possible. A tricky task to handle, but not impossible. We have four pointers that can make your wine box more engaging to your customers.

Point A: Clarity & Simplicity

You know the best packaging when it comes to wine boxes? Look at whiskey labels. You see the boxes of Johnnie Walker? One colour, one symbol, one flow. It works. People love it. They see it, they know what it represents and love it because it is so straightforward and clear in its design. Going for simplicity isn’t a bad thing; if you make it work, it can pay off in the long run with your consumers.

Point B: Embrace The Quality Material

One key point that should be acknowledged is that when you create your wine box, think about the packaging material you are going to use. We’ve spoken about unboxing the brand experience before, and this point will help massively with your box. It will create an experience, but more importantly, it will make your box more engaging. You might not realise it, but by looking at boxes, people can tell the quality. The same applies here with your wine box.

Point C: Don’t Overload With Pointless Dribble

There is a fine balance between providing your customers with vital information about your product and overloading them with pointless dribble. There are packaging laws when it comes to alcohol content that has to be followed, but the rest is down to you. So following on from Point A, when it comes to keeping a clear and simple wine box package, don’t overflow it with useless information. All you need are the key points that are going to hook your consumers.

Point D: Represents Your Brand

All these points have to follow on basic flow: what is your name representing? Never lose sight of this, but embrace it. If you are quality wine, then make your box stand out through classiness and elegance. If you are a cheap fun beverage, then give it the colour you need that will make your brand stand out from the rest. Getting your brand out front and centre will be vital to ensure that your customers recognise your wine boxes.

We hope that these tips will help you when it comes creating and manufacturing your wine boxes. You can contact Bang Packaging on (03) 9462 3877. With over 30-years experience in the industry, we can create the ultimate package for your product.

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