//How To Create An Amazing Unboxing Experience for Your Product

How To Create An Amazing Unboxing Experience for Your Product

When was the last time you thought about your product packaging and the unboxing experience that comes with it? Probably never is the answer. Well, you aren’t the only business to do so. But these days, merely packaging your product isn’t enough. The way marketing has changed, how consumer habits have shifted means more is needed to keep customers attached to your brand. You need to deliver a complete brand encounter that extends beyond the product itself and creates a whole new experience.

What Is A Brand Packing Experience?

Over the previous years, unpacking products from their packages have become a key factor in a company’s consumer process. No longer is the box merely a “box” – it’s become an experience that should be shared, enjoyed and creates a memory. This brand packing experience includes everything from the touch of the package, the appearance of the packaging and the “feeling” that comes with opening your product.

So What Is The Brand Packing Experience Now So Important?

The key factor in this new trend is part of building long-term relationships with consumers with “added value”. The aim is to get your customers coming back time and again; establishing a strong bond with the brand. The better the experience you provide, the more your consumer will feel “loved” and attached to your brand.

More so, it is about creating a memory with that product. The feeling you get with opening an Apple products brings you excitement and joy. You want that feeling more often, so you keep going back because you *know* you’ll get that with Apple. The same theory should be applied to your packaging and your consumer base.

How Do You Create An Amazing Unboxing Experience For Your Customers?

Firstly, this approach can be applied to all types of industries and businesses. Bang Packaging has provided this to plenty of clients, including Madman Entertainment, Australia Post, Shell, Tattersall’s, L’Oreal, Penfolds, Holden, and Nestle, so we understand the importance of applying it correctly. So how do you go about it?

You don’t have to combine all the following essentials, but by looking at each element and seeing what it provides, will give you a solid framework to making your the packaging experience come to life:

  • The box itself (including the touch of the box, the design, and the layout)

  • The colours used throughout the packaging

  • The personal touch (a note or a letter to add that connection with your consumer)

  • Little gifts (Book Depository gives you a free bookmark for example) or a sample can be considered

  • A business card that helps your customer reach you

Now, you don’t have to include all these elements, but you have to think about it if you want to commit to a new and exciting unboxing experience for your clients. If you need a hand with this process, then contact Bang Packaging on (03) 9462 3877. We have all the knowledge and skills to manufacture the perfect design for your brand.

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