//How To Choose The Right Packaging Materials For You

How To Choose The Right Packaging Materials For You

You may have spent years meticulously designing the perfect product for your business. Now that it is time to launch it, you must consider packaging. The way your product is packaged says a lot about your brand, and it is the first experience that your customer will get of your product. Due to this, it is worth taking some time to make sure you choose the perfect packaging for you.

There are many factors to consider when selecting your brand. Product safety in transportation, as well as maintaining freshness for any organic products is also key. In addition to the functionality, branding and style also leave lasting impressions and can actually be selling points. Below are some points of consideration when choosing the right packaging materials for your product.

1. Budget

Of course, your product is your business and you want to ensure you are making a profit. For this reason you must decide on what part of your overhead costs you want to assign to packaging. You must also consider ratio and scale. It may not be wise to choose expensive packaging materials for the a product that is designed to be cheap and affordable.

Once you have decided on the budget, you can look at the materials that are within your price range. Natural fibres are generally attractive to the eye but are more expensive than other alternatives.

2. Environmental impact

Plastic is usually the most affordable and versatile packaging option, however, it is not the most environmentally friendly. Depending on your target consumers, some may be willing to spend extra for more environmentally friendly options. Including this information on the packaging itself can often make customers feel better about paying slightly more for packaging that is not going to pollute the planet for decades to come.

3. Shipping

You need to make sure the packaging you select is functional for protecting your product. If it’s not going to ensure your product reaches the stores or consumer homes without being damaged, then it is not the packaging for you. If your product is fragile, then you need to consider strong and padded packaging. If it is a fresh product than you need to ensure that the packaging allows sufficient airing to help maintain its shelf life. Remember that a little short term investment in appropriate packaging can save you money you may have to pay for goods that become damaged during transportation.

4. Size & Weight

It is essential to ensure that the packaging is suited to the size of the product. Packaging that is overly large, or too small, will affect the aesthetics of the final result. In addition, if your product is going to be shipped around the globe, then the weight of the packaging matters. Heavier products cost more to ship and so considering lightweight options may be more cost effective.

5. Consider your customers

Your customers should be at the forefront of any packaging choice that you make. Very often, consumers will consider a brand, rather than an individual product. If your product is something eco-friendly, for example, then environmentally friendly packaging may actually be something that helps sell your product. Market research can be an effective means of learning about your audience’s preferences. If you learn a little about their priorities and values, then you can use your budget to make design choices that you know will attract the crowd.


There are limitless options when it comes to packaging. Depending on your product size and quality, you will want to select packaging that complements it. Knowing a little about your consumers will also help you make the best decision, and your packaging may help bring in more business.

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