//How Colours Impact Your Packaging

How Colours Impact Your Packaging

How big of a factor does colour influence your packaging? The answer: massively.

From the eyes of a consumer, the colour or your packaging can greatly, or gravely, impact the decision to purchase your product over your competitors. This is why you have to take great care and conduct thorough research into deciding which colour best reflects your company and your product.

To make things easier for you, we have broken down the key colours, what they represent and how it can work with your packaging.

  • Black
    Traditionally the colour that represents authority and luxury. All the big brands around the globe, use black as a staple colour. Think of Audi, Mercedes Benz – silver logos on a black background. It represents class – so go for this colour if you want your product to do the same.

  • White
    In a word, white represents “simplicity”. Think of all the cosmetic products: white is the leading colour because it showcases a purity, peace, and simpleness about the product. It works well great for clear and concise messaging.

  • Red
    Nothing is going to catch the attention more than red. With its bold and bright hue, packaging that features red is meant for one thing: grabbing attention. It will draw the eyes of customers and make them turn their head to look. Notice how lipstick is always red or sportswear? Eye-catching stuff.

  • Blue
    The most tranquil colour of any packaging. Blue is a symbol of trust and reliability and is always used in packaging where they want to give their customers the same feeling. With its different arrays of shades, other feelings can be reached from customers, including calmness (light blue) and professionalism (dark blue). A great and popular choice for products.

  • Green
    The colour of nature. If you are going for a product that is clean, healthy and represents nature in any way, then green is for you. With its wide spread use, green has been a staple for health, wellness, and eco-friendly products, and provide customers with a clarity. They think of nature and they become calm about it.

These are the five most predominant colours in packaging today. However, you don’t have to limit yourself: you can mix and match any variations to create the perfect colour for your brand. Always remember though that the colour you choose will have an impact on your product, your customers and how your business and brand is represented.

If you need any help deciding on which colours work for your packaging, then speak to Bang Packaging today. With our experience, we can help you get the best design for your product.

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