19 02, 2019

Why Businesses Should Reduce Packaging Waste

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With virtually countless products being packaged and sold every day in Australia, it’s important that businesses think about the impact that their packaging has not only on their business, but also their customers, communities, and the environment. Responsible packaging has a wide range of benefits, but too [...]

5 09, 2018

How Tin Packaging Can Boost Your Sales

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Packaging plays an important role in not only how your products are seen, but how your overall brand is seen.  Packaging should be both functional and stylish - there’s no packaging material more functional and stylish than tin packaging.  Tin is widely recognised as the most [...]

3 09, 2018

The Versatility of Vinyl Products

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There are few stationery materials that are more diverse and versatile than vinyl.  The Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) material can be turned into many types of products, making it a great all-around material.  If you’re in the market for updated stationery products like Ring Binder, Folders, Wallets [...]

20 08, 2018

Printing Company and Product Information on Packaging: How Much is Too Much?

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When you’re considering updating your product packaging, it’s important to think about the information that will be on your packaging.  It can be difficult to strike the right balance between too much information on your packaging and not enough. You want to provide enough information about [...]

13 08, 2018

5 Ways to Maximise the Effectiveness of Your Packaging

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In today’s market, packaging is much more than just functional. Packaging is being strategically used to increase sales and boost brand awareness. If you’re only focused on creating packaging that is functional, you’re missing out on a big opportunity for your business. Here are five ways [...]

13 08, 2018

5 Reasons to Manufacture Packaging in Australia

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Local contact with expert advice. The advantage of partnering with a professional manufacturer like Bang Packaging is that you have a dedicated account manager who can address your requirements or any questions in real time. Plus, the added advantage of visiting the factory and showroom. Flexibility. [...]

4 06, 2018

The Value of Bespoke Packaging for Your Brand

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In today’s instant-gratification world, you only have seconds to grab your customers attention and make them want to buy your product. How can you do that? With unique and functional packaging that stands out from your competitors and promotes your brand. Through high-end bespoke packaging, you [...]

4 06, 2018

Presentation Packaging – Custom Gift Boxes for All Occasions

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No matter what the occasion, special gifts require special packaging.  While many people turn to basic wrapping paper, why not consider stepping up your packaging with custom gift boxes? Wrapping paper and other traditional packaging like gift bags can be wasteful and boring - not to [...]