Polyvinyl Chloride (also called PVC, or vinyl) is a very popular material, as it is flexible, light, durable and cost effective. It is environmentally friendly and easily recyclable. It also holds up well against moisture and humidity. If you are looking for a frugal, stylish and eco-conscious packaging option, vinyl might be just what you need.

One of the very best things about vinyl packaging is that it’s easily customisable! It can be printed on (so it can display your name, logo, etc.) and comes in a range of colours to suit your preferences.

At Bang Packaging, we custom manufacture a variety of vinyl products in Australia and China for companies all over the world. Using our radio frequency welding machines, Bang Packaging has the ability to produce small to mass quantities of premium products quickly– but that doesn’t mean we skimp on quality. We ensure that all of our vinyl products are highly damage resistant so that you and your customers can get the most out of them.

Our vinyl folders and cases are great for holding important documents such as paperwork, passports, tickets and more. If these documents need protection from light, heat or liquid, vinyl is a suitable option.

5x7 Vinyl Photo Album with Encapsulated Print, Die-Cut Window & Pockets

5x7 Vinyl Photo Album with Pockets

5x7 Vinyl Photo Albums with Pockets

Standard welded vinyl wallet / screen printed

Vinyl ID pocket

Vinyl carpet header

Vinyl ID pocket tall

Vinyl carpet header

Portfolio vinyl padded folder

Service manual binder

Service manual binder with magnet lock

Display folder

Vinyl ID pocket

Tri-fold business folder

Business folder

Vinyl Desk Mat - A2.

Vinyl Desk Mat - A3

Vinyl Desk Mat - A3

Vinyl Desk Mat - A3

Vinyl luggage tags

Vinyl 5x7" photo album

Vinyl 5x7" photo album with diecut face

Vinyl Desk Mat 2

Vinyl notebook holder with spiral notebook

Vinyl Desk Matt with Video Screen

Vinyl specialized ID holder

Landscape vinyl notebook holder

A5 Vinyl Diary Cover

Stitched Vinyl Diary Cover with Padded Front & back

Vinyl clipboard folder

Premium vinyl luxury car service wallets

Vinyl Diary Cover with Gold Foiling - Outer

Vinyl School Diary Cover

Vinyl School Diary Cover

A5 Vinyl Folders with Gold Foiling & Inner Pockets

Vinyl 3 Folder Folder with Pocket & Velcro Closing Flap

Vinyl folder - Encapsulated Print

Vinyl folder with 3 Colour Screen Print

Vinyl Hotel Room Folder with Welded Clear Pockets

Vinyl Flip Book

Vinyl Note Book Covers

Vinyl Note Pad Cover with Screen Print

Vinyl Note Pad covers

Vinyl Note Pad covers with Encapsulated Print

Leather Embossed Vinyl A4 Landscape Ring Binder with Foiling

Vinyl Ring Binder + Encapsulated Print - awp

Vinyl Ring Binder 1 colour screen print

Vinyl Ring Binder with 3 colour screen print

Vinyl Ring Binder with 4 colour print

Vinyl Ring Binder with Encapsulated Print

Vinyl Ring Binder with Foiling & Clear PP Pockets

Vinyl Ring Binder with Gold Foiling

Vinyl Ring Binder with Metal Corners & Foiling

Vinyl Ring Binder with Padded Front, Debossed & Printed Logo

Vinyl Ring Binder with Pockets

Vinyl Ring Binder with PP Archive Pockets

Vinyl Ring Binder

Leather Embossed Vinyl Car Wallet with Inner Pockets Printed logo

Leather Embossed Vinyl Car Wallet with Pockets, Locking Flap & De-bossed logo - Outer

Leather Embossed Vinyl Satchel

Vinyl Car Wallet with Encapsulated Print & inner Pockets - outer

Vinyl Car Wallet with Encapsulated print & Pockets

Vinyl Car Wallet with Encapsulated Print & Pockets - 1a

Vinyl Car Wallet with Encapsulated Print & Pockets - outer

Vinyl Card Wallet with Encapsulated Printed Sheet & Inner Pockets

Vinyl Diploma Wallet

Vinyl Oyster Shaped Card Wallet

Vinyl Satchel

Vinyl Ticket Wallet with Encapsulated Print & Inner Pockets

Vinyl Ticket Wallet with Foiled Logo & Inner Pockets

Vinyl Travel Wallets with Screen Print & Inner Copy Safe Pockets

Vinyl Wallet with Encapsulated Print

Vinyl Reward_Membership Card Wallets

We Offer A Range of Custom Vinyl Goods

We can create vinyl ID tags for your staff or yourself, vinyl display boards, and even vinyl carpet headers. No matter what you need to display, Bang Packaging can help you do so with our premium vinyl products.

Whether you are an office supply company, a school, a publication or an individual, we are ready to work with you to supply the long-lasting vinyl products you need.

Our product range extends to more than 4000 specialized items, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Binders
  • School Diaries
  • Photo Albums
  • Pockets
  • Wallets
  • Folders
  • Display Counter Mats

If you think that vinyl packaging is the right solution for your products, don’t hesitate to reach out and see how Bang Packaging can help. Give us a call at +61 3 9462 3877 (Australia) or 1800 628 366 (interstate) for more information!


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