Bang Packaging produce a wide variety of Polypropylene products ranging from complex display stands to Document Satchels and Boxes.

Poly Prop Binder and Slipcase combo

Poly Prop Transparent print to see through effect, water effect

Soft formulated poly prop ticket wallet

Soft formulated poly prop ticket wallet

Rigid poly prop suitcase style sales kit box with handles and locks

Clear frosted P.P fan deck holder

Poly Prop a-frame calender holder

Poly Prop Crompton brochure holder

Poly Prop double wine carrier

Poly Prop point of sale display unit

Poly Prop display stands

Poly Prop document satchels

Poly Prop tab locked satchel

Poly Prop satchel with handle

Poly Prop binder

Poly Prop cup holder

Customised displays

Single or double wine carry packs

Poly Prop on shelf wine box

Advertising wobblers


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