Bang Packaging is a producer and distributor of polypropylene (PP) packaging & stationery products. PP is a thermoplastic polymer material perfect for all sorts of consumer goods. It is a light, flexible, durable, and is also a food grade material that can be customised for a range of different uses.

What Can Poly Prop Products Be Used For?

Our polypropylene products have all sorts of applications, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Displaying goods at a show or expo
  • Organising documents
  • Exhibiting brochures
  • Packaging food or drink products

Poly prop products are sturdy enough to suspend your product or hold it at an angle for maximum visibility, whether you need a long-term display option for your shop or a short-term solution for a special industry event.

At Bang Packaging, we produce a wide variety of poly products ranging from highly complex display stands to document satchels and boxes. Our polypropylene packaging and other goods are ideal for business and domestic use alike. If you want your PP customised with your brand logo or company colours, we can do that too.

0.38mm Polypropylene Printed Document Holder

Black Polypropylene Satchels

Polypropylene Ticket Wallet with CMYK Print


Rigid poly prop suitcase style sales kit box with handles and locks

Clear frosted P.P fan deck holder

Poly Prop a-frame calender holder

Clear Frosty PP Box

Poly Prop double wine carrier

Polypropylene A5 Satchel

Poly Prop display stands

Poly Prop document satchels

Poly Prop tab locked satchel

Poly Prop satchel with handle

Polypropylene Box

Polypropylene Box

Polypropylene Case

Polypropylene Case with Handle & Locks

Polypropylene Frosty Ring Binder with 1 Colour Screen Print

Polypropylene Gift Box with Gold Foiling

Polypropylene Ring Binder with 1 Colour Screen Print

Polypropylene Ring Binder with 2 Colour Screen Print

Polypropylene Ring Binder with 3 Colour Print

Polypropylene Ring Binder with 4 Colour Screen Print

Polypropylene Satchel with 2 Colour Screen Print

Polypropylene Satchel with Foiled Logo

Is Polypropylene Right For Me?

While polypropylene is suitable for almost any sort of product, there are some it is especially appropriate for, such as:

  • Electronics– PP does not conduct electricity, which is ideal for packaging tech products
  • Wallets and folders– Because this material is flexible and crack-resistant, it will stay safe despite bending and other wear & tear
  • Product boxes– PP is often slightly transparent, so customers can see your goods on the shelf even when packaged, adding aesthetic appeal
  • Food Containers– Polypropylene is chemical resistant and has a high melting point, making it ideal for safe food storage.

If you are after a reliable material for your products, whether you need bulk packaging or a few display options to make your goods stand out, polypropylene is a great choice. So don’t wait around– contact Bang Packaging to learn more about how we can custom design your polypropylene stands or packages today!


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