Developing a Packaging Strategy

Whether you’re a new business or you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, there will come a time when you need to re-assess your current packaging in order to develop a new strategy. As consumer trends change, so should product packaging. New styles, materials, and goals are often needed to grab the attention of new customers and even keep your existing customers around.

A packaging strategy can often be more difficult than it sounds because there’s a lot to consider in order to create a successful strategy. Not only should your packaging be functional, but it should also supplement other areas of your business and boost your brand image in the marketplace. Here’s what you should consider when you develop a packaging strategy.

Understand Your Market

Before you even start your initial packaging redesign, you need to fully understand your market. Each market and industry will typically have unique packaging trends that can dictate whether your packaging is successful or if it’s a wasted investment. Align your packaging with your business goals and objectives. Strategic analysis can help you see where your industry is headed in the future, allowing you to plan your packaging accordingly.

When you think about successful companies, whether local or international, many of them may be first recognized by their packaging. They are leaders in their industry because they have a recognized brand, often first seen by product packaging and marketing. Assess your current market and analyse trends and consumer behaviours to get a solid foundation on what a successful packaging strategy might look like.

Safety and Functionality

Next, you need to consider safety, both for your employees assembling your packaging as well as the consumers that will interact with your packaging. Safety is extremely important in both scenarios, and thorough assembly processes and packaging testing will keep your employees and consumers safe.

Packaging needs to be functional, otherwise it isn’t even serving its primary purpose. Consumers know when businesses cut corners to save money on packaging, and may actually push some customers away. Flimsy materials and poor designs are two major functionality flaws that your customers will certainly notice.


Set a budget for packaging and stick to it. It can be difficult to know just how much your packaging will cost, so we always recommend partnering with Bang Packaging for a personalized custom packaging quote. Sticking to your budget is extremely important, especially for small businesses.

Don’t be discouraged if your budget is lower than what you anticipated. There are plenty of designs and materials that you can choose to create high-quality packaging on a low budget. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice functional, durable, and effective packaging based on your budget.


Finally, your packaging is one of the most effective tools in your marketing toolkit, but is often underutilised by inexperienced marketers. Think of your packaging as a blank canvas to market your business. While the space on the packaging itself may be limited, the possibilities are truly endless.

Products sold in stores are seen by hundreds, potentially thousands of customers per day. Having the right marketing on your packaging can help convert casual shoppers into loyal customers. Partner with your marketing team or consult with a marketing expert to maximise the effectiveness of your packaging.

Bang Packaging

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider when redesigning your product packaging. The right strategy starts with the right partner, and when you choose Bang Packaging, you’re choosing a partner with years of experience in the custom packaging industry. We’ll work with you to understand your business, your products, and your overall goals to create a custom packaging strategy.

For more information on how we can help your business, or to set up an initial project consultation, contact the team at Bang Packaging today.

The Value of Bespoke Packaging for Your Brand

In today’s instant-gratification world, you only have seconds to grab your customers attention and make them want to buy your product. How can you do that? With unique and functional packaging that stands out from your competitors and promotes your brand. Through high-end bespoke packaging, you can display and promote your brand to the fullest. Whether it’s in stores or online, customers react to packaging, so coming up with a successful packaging campaign is crucial for the success of your inventory. Here’s why we know bespoke packaging is great for your brand.

Promote Your Brand Image

When you’re designing packaging for your items, you need to consider your target market as well as the brand image you want to promote. It’s important to have professionally designed, functional packaging that aligns with your brand image and vision. Invest in higher-quality materials to use your packaging as an effective marketing tool.

Striking the balance between functionality and style can be tough – some packages are all function and no style, while some focus too much on style and not enough on functionality. The first thing the customer sees in the store is the packaging, so understanding your target marketing and customising the packaging to attract that market is going to do wonders not only for your sales, but for your brand image. Packaging can very easily turn a one-time shopper into a repeat customer.

Convert More Sales

As we mentioned before, today’s customer is an impulse-buyer – what gets you the sale over your competitor is often the packaging. It’s the first thing the customer sees and interacts with when they approach your product at the store. By investing in quality materials that are both durable and stylish, you’re going to notice an increase in your sales.

Customers are going to pick up your products to inspect the package. It needs to be functional while appealing to your target audience. Many companies go so far as a specific texture for their packaging, which your customers will definitely notice. A lot of the buying decision is rested on the packaging. Packaging can create an emotional connection to the product, which increases the likelihood of a consumer purchasing that product.

When you think about some of the most successful companies in the world, you may first think of their packaging. Whether it’s strong brand recognition through logos on packages like Amazon, or texture and colour palettes like Apple’s phone packaging, having the right package for your product can make all the difference for the success of your company.

Customers Notice

When you improve your packaging, your customers are going to notice, which means more loyal customers and improved revenues. By investing in quality packaging, you’re letting your customers know that you’re thinking about them. Whether it’s improved functionality or a better colour scheme, even the slightest changes can go a long way. It shows your customers that you’re serious about your business and that you’re noticing what your customers are interested in.

Choosing the Right Packaging Company

Choosing the right packaging company is one of the most important decisions to make in your packaging journey. At Bang Packaging, we have over three decades of packaging experience – we understand the latest trends in packaging and just how to improve your place in today’s competitive market. Packaging is an incredibly important marketing tool that many companies simply overlook. With Bang Packaging, you’re taking advantage of one of the best marketing tools available.

We’d love to help you realise improved brand recognition and better revenues, and we know the best way to do that is through bespoke packaging. Check out our blog for more packaging tips and tricks.

Packaging on a Budget – What You Need to Know

If you sell any kind of products to customers, then you realise that packaging is as important as the product itself.

Creating an enticing and visually attractive package can help persuade customers to buy your product – many consumers base their buying decisions on it being a ‘Gifting Experience’.  Effective packaging can turn one-time customers into repeat customers. Your products’ first impression’ is its packaging, so getting it right is important to make that product successful.

But what if you don’t have excess funds to spend on upping your packaging game?  We understand that not every budget has room to spend on elaborate packaging.

Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks that you can keep in mind to keep your costs down while still getting packaging that will attract a wide range of buyers.

Buy Bulk

Buying bulk drives down per-unit costs.  If you know you’re going to keep a consistent product line and brand message for a long time, buying in bulk makes commercial sense.

Rather than buying each package style as you need it, pre-purchasing in bulk can help with cost, allows you to have an on-hand supply of packaging as orders are fulfilled, and cuts down on delays.

Bulk purchasing also gives you room to scale your business quickly – the ability to package and display your products is the first step to having consumers purchase your product, and you can’t scale business quickly without an ample supply of attractive packaging.

Contact us today to see if buying bulk is a good option for your business needs.


Materials play a major factor in packaging and it’s costs – there are simply some materials that cost more than others, but that shouldn’t discourage you. As there are plenty of ways to make your packaging unique, appealing and cost effective.

From vinyl and polypropylene to specialty covering materials like bonded leathers, we have a wide range of materials to meet your stylistic and budget needs.  Our choice materials can help make your products stand out against the competition.

Let us help with all of your packaging needs.  Our packaging specialists can take your ideas and budget and make your dreams a reality – with the flexibility to utilise inexpensive yet elegant materials, we can keep your project on or under budget while still providing an excellent product and most importantly Consumer experience.

Trust Our Expertise

We are here to help with your every packaging need – our team of experts can have a one on one conversation with you about your goals, ideas, and budget, and make sure you’re involved in every step of the process.  We will create a clear plan and walk you through every step of the production process so you know you’re getting exactly what you want.

Packaging is becoming increasingly important in today’s marketplace, not only to attract buyers, but to create repeat customers.  Regardless of your budget and style, our team of experts can create a custom packaging plan that will exceed expectations.

Contact us today to see how we can meet your packaging needs!